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We build websites that win you trust online. 

Enquire today and never look back. 


We build websites that win you trust online. Enquire today and

never look back. 


Limited time offer: 50% off all websites! Expires June 2024.

LFJ Design crafts visually captivating websites built to convert your visitors into paying customers. We recognise that effective websites are not just aesthetically pleasing but tailored to specific niches. 

Our websites are based on the science of design theory and user experience, and are guaranteed to boost your online presence. Start converting more of your visitors into paying customers.

Why us?


Visually captivating websites built to turn visitors into paying customers. Get in touch with us to schedule a call. 


Logos and branding packages sold as either stand alone items or included within web design packages. Claim your identity and kickstart your growth. 


Our CRM software allows you to take control of your businesses growth, harnessing powerful automations to capture and nurture leads. 


Explore our latest projects which showcase a variety of design elements across various niches. 

Designed for the user.

Our websites focus on user pathway. Laying out a clear journey from entry to action, building trust along the way.

Seamlessly adapting to all screen sizes and devices. 

Responsive Design

Search engine optimisation to rank higher in search results.

Built in SEO

Fully optimised for fast loading times and user experience.

Fully Optimised

50% off all websites until June 2024!

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